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13 November
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Enzo DiKarina Thick Dick










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Enzo DiKarina is French, from Corsica, and a complete top! When he starts to undress, Enzo reveals a tight muscled body that sends cameraman Jack into a tizzy. As he continues to strip, we see his carefully shaved body, showing him off to perfection. Then, as Enzo takes off more clothes, Jack’s heart skips a beat. Yours will, too, once you see the revelation of Enzo’s long, thick, uncut cock, with a pair of massive balls to match. He quickly gets that monster pumped up and proudly shows it off. It soon becomes clear Enzo is well up for more than just being filmed but Jack wants to see him pump the cum out of that meat cannon. Jack positions himself beneath Enzo and it’s a beautiful view. When Enzo explodes he showers Jack with all that hot French thug cum, narrowly missing the camera. One can only hope Jack’s mouth was open at the time.

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